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长效灭蚊蝇药灭蝇诱饵灭跳蚤药养殖场灭老鼠 Hot search words: long-acting mosquito and fly killing bait killing flea medicine killing mice
Difficult problems in mosquito and fly management in animal husbandry ?
1. Improper use of pesticides and increased resistance;
杀虫效果差; 2. Insecticide has short holding effect and poor insecticidal effect;
3. The problem of insect pests is repeated, and livestock diseases cannot be prevented;
4. Excessive use of pesticides increases the cost of breeding;
影响禽畜的生长和生产; 5. The irritation of pesticides and drug residues affect the growth and production of poultry and livestock;
6. There is no comprehensive prevention and treatment plan, and the symptoms are not the root cause;
有效成分不明,禽畜安全、食品安全不能保障。 7, using illegal products, the effective ingredients are unknown, the safety of poultry and livestock, food safety cannot be guaranteed.
Improve the growth environment of poultry and livestock, and escort the healthy growth of poultry and livestock! !! !! !!
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Focus on the production of pest medicines in the livestock industry

Focus on pests pharmaceutical producing livestock breeding industry, power
industry enterprises
Advanced production equipment, professional production team , to ensure drug supply and product quality,
Sanitary pesticide manufacturer designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology since 2001
Professional product research and development team , strict control of product quality
More than 3,000 livestock breeding customers across the country are using
Good products and good raw materials

Good products from the raw material is good, the world health organization
recommends technical production
Three certificates , legal products
Provide MSDS chemical safety data sheets,
Strict quality control and passed ISO9001 quality system certification
Inspection by authoritative departments, the product is low toxicity , safe for humans and livestock,
Safe formula, high efficiency and lasting, for you to solve the worries of livestock and breeding mosquito and fly management

Safe formula, efficient lasting, solve the trouble back at home of livestock
breeding flies over for you
All kinds of medicines , different places, different control objects, scientific selection, precision insecticide,
Pay attention to the insecticidal effect , pay more attention to the residual risk of pesticides, and make insecticidal safer.
Provide one-stop pest management solutions, focus on breeding ground management, reduce control costs,
Comprehensive after-sales service to solve all worries for agents

Comprehensive after-sales service, solve all the trouble back at home
for the business agent
Provide comprehensive management solutions for free, product use video support ,
Well-known logistics support to ensure timely delivery
Professional technical team , ready to respond to your needs
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